14th DRC Summer School on Regional Cooperation 

2 - 9 July 2017 / Pécs, Hungary

“New Borders Between Old Neighbours Return of History In The Danube Region?"


The 14th DRC Summer School was held at Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Education and Regional Development of the University of Pécs, Hungary. Its main theme was “New Borders Between Old Neighbours – Return of History in The Danube Region?” and, accordingly, most lectures were about recent years’ migration related developments in the Danube Region. Similarly to previous years, the speakers of the Summer School represented a wide range of organizations and universities from the Danube Region. 


Some of the experts who shared their insights on their field of expertise were Erhard Busek (chairman of IDM), Thomas Díez (Eberhard Karls University), Georg Krauchenberg (IDM's managing director) István Tarrósy (University of Pécs) and Viktor Glied (University of Pécs). 


The lectures were followed by the workshop sessions in the afternoon where participants of the summer school had the chance to present their own research topics which were followed by vivid discussions. 




  1. Schengen, Dublin, Idomeni? Security challenges at the EU’s outskirts
  2. Migration within and from outside of the Danube Region
  3. Political, ideological and religious radicalisation
  4. EUSDR: Economy and prosperity for the Danube Region through cross-border cooperation? 


All Participants, inspired by the lecture topics –with the supervision of the organizers– prepared a policy recommendation paper for the European Union on migration, which will be published together with the research papers of the Summer School early 2018. 

The DRC Summer School, as every year, offers a social programme. This year some of the activities included were a guided tour in the city of Pécs, a field trip to the Visitors’ Centre of the Danube-Drava National Park in Szaporca and a wine tasting in Vylyan Winery in Kisharsány.