Annual Conference 2021

Given the travel restrictions and other difficulties the universities are facing in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic, the DRC Presidency, after careful consideration and in consultation with the Uzhhorod National University as the host of this year's meeting, agreed to hold the DRC Annual Meeting on 10-12th of November 2021 in an online form via ZOOM. Apart of many fruitful discussions during the Annual Conference on 11th November organised by the Uzhhorod National University, the DRC General Assembly brought many announcements.


During the DRC General Assembly 2021 were discussed the remarkable achievements of the past year. Two new DRC initiatives - the DRC Initiative Found and the DRC Strategic Foresight - have been agreed upon, two new members were welcomed in the network: the University of Reutlingen and the J. Selye University of Komarno as well as the financial budget for 2022 was approved, A brief summary of many events that were organised or co-organised by the DRC in 2021 has been presented.


More information about the DRC General Assembly 2021 can be found in the Programme below.

The programme of the Annual Meeting 

2021 DRC General Assembly Agenda
DRC General Assembly 2021 Agenda.pdf
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Further documents, including the minutes, are available on our DRC intranet. To get access as DRC member, please write an e-mail to

Danubius Awards Ceremony

Danubius Award 2021

Online ceremony

                    Danubius Award Winner 2021

The Danubius Award went to Austrian scientist Prof. Josef  Glößl University Professor for Applied Genetics at the Institute of Plant Biotechnology and Cell Biology of Boku. We are honoured to have awarded this important prize to Prof.  Glößl, who stands out for an exceptional career in physiology, chemistry, plant physiology, and applied genetics - together with his invaluable contribution to the Danube region's academic development. 

                    Danubius Mid-Career Award Winner 2021

The Danubius Mid-Career Award has been awarded to the Serbian scientist Tanja Dabović, Ass. Professor at the Faculty of Geography of the University of Belgrade, where she has been working in the field of Spatial Planning since her PhD. Her work has mainly focused on planning disciplines, with particular emphasis on multi-level governance and cross-sector integration. Involved in different national and international projects, Prof. Dabović's research has proved to be meaningful for the Danube Region, as the award clearly demonstrates.

                    Danubius Young Scientist Award Winners 2021


Bosnia and Herzegovina












Gusenbauer Claudia

Raič Mirna

Mihaylova Svilena

Kovač Tihomir

Šedová Petra

Corman Mihai-Razvan

Szeghy-Gayer Veronika

Ćalasan Martin

Câmpu Andreea-Maria

Salević Ana

Majzlíková Erika

Bezak Nejc

Karabiniuk Mykola

Press Release Danubius Awards 2021

Press Release Danubius Awards 2021 Engli
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