General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) is the highest body of DRC. It establishes the objectives and determines the fundamental aspects of its policy. It has authority to:

  • amend the Statutes of the DRC
  • elect and dismiss the President, the two Vice-Presidents and the Honorary President upon a proposal by the Presidency, the Permanent Committee or one third of the GA members
  • approve a report on the activities of the Conference, including its financial situation, since the preceding General Assembly, as prepared by the Permanent Committee
  • consider the general policy of the DRC and give guidance to the Committee for the period until the next General Assembly,
  • decide on the requests relating to the admission,
  • decide on the exclusion of members for serious cause
  • approve the annual budget, including the budgets for designated activities, and decide the amount and the method of payment of the membership fee as well as the contribution to particular programmes,
  • approve the annual financial statements,
  • vote on the discharge of the members of the Presidency.

Ordinary meetings of the General Assembly are held during the Annual DRC Conference, in principle once a year.

Every member institution is represented at the General Assembly by its rector/president or his appointed deputy.