The DRC Presidency consists of a President, two Vice-Presidents and the acting Honorary President. It is the governing board of the DRC.

The President and Vice-Presidents of the DRC are elected for a 2-year period of function, during which each of them has to organise the Annual conference at his/her university at least once.


The Honorary President is proposed by a representative of a member institution to the Presidency. Only previous DRC Presidents can be nominated as Honorary presidents. The Honorary President does not have the right to vote and his term as a member of Presidency is limited to four years.

The Presidency is composed of Rectors of universities that are full members of the DRC. It is elected by the General assembly. The Presidency is a collegiate organ. Decisions shall be taken by a single majority of votes.


  • The President may call and shall preside at meetings of the General Assembly, the Presidency, the Permanent Committee and conferences.
  • The Presidency maintains effective relations with the national conferences and with the international organizations, both governmental and nongovernmental, which have a special interest in university affairs.
  • The Presidency is responsible to the General assembly on all activities, and for the management of the DRC. The Presidency administers the DRC according to the general strategy and policy approved by the General Assembly, and  decides in particular about projects related to education, training and research organised by the Association. The Presidency also decides about publications, like proceedings of conferences, reports, surveys….

Current president



Rector Prof. Dr. Zdravko Kačič

University of Maribor
Slomškov trg 15

2000 Maribor, Slovenia

Tel: +386 02 23 55 210


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Presidency secretariat

Mr. Mladen Kraljić


University of Maribor

Slomškov trg 15

2000 Maribor, Slovenia


Tel: +386 31 564 000

Current vice-presidents


Rector Prof. Ivanka Popović


University of Belgrade 

Studentski trg 1

11000 Belgrade, Serbia


Tel: +381 11 3207 400


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Rector Mag. Friedrich Faulhammer

Danube University Krems
Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Straße 30
3500 Krems, Austria
Tel: +43 2732 893-2210


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Current honorary president

Prof. Dr. Miroslav Veskovic


European Commission

Joint Research Centre

Inter-institutional, International Relations and Outreach

Rue du Champ de Mars 21

B-1050 Brussels, Belgium


Tel.: +32 2 29 54139

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