15th Danube Rectors’ Conference Summer School on Regional Cooperation 

1 - 8 July 2018 / Krems, Austria 

“Modernizing Europe: Generating Accountability"


Since 2003, the DRC Summer School brings together young scientists and experts in different fields to discuss the ongoing changes, challenges and important aspects affecting the Danube Region. The participants come from different backgrounds and disciplines, which encourages them to widen their horizons and become more aware of the contrasting realities in Central Europe.


Click on the video below to have a better understanding of what we promote with this project and to listen to testimonials from some participants of this year DRC Summer School. 

This edition was opened with the presence of Friedrich Faulhammer, Rector of the Danube University Krems and DRC president, Ulrike Guérot, Professor for European Policy and the Study of Democracy and Sebastian Schäffer, Secretary General of DRC and research associate at Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe. Ulrike shared her insights on "Why Europe must become a Republic" giving rise to a fruitful discussion with all of the participants.


We were also honored by the presence of various experts from different fields such as political sciences, economics, foreign policies and history. Having this wide spectrum of approaches allowed the participants to deepen their knowledge on the current issues regarding regional cooperation within the Danube Region. 

After all of the lectures, our participants took part in a workshop session where they developed two potential future scenarios for the Danube Region. One group proposed a pessimistic scenario, while the other came up with an optimistic one. Both of them were later presented to Rudolf Schicker, Coordinator of the Priority Area 10 of the EUSDR, during the discussion at IDM in Vienna. 

The DRC Summer School also comprised a social programme designed to promote the cooperation among the participants. The activities carried out during their stay included a field trip to Vienna, a tour in Krems, dinners, and sharing moments over a drink. 


  1. Rise and fall of empires: integration and re-nationalisation
  2. Towards a European federation: achieving EU integration through democratisation?
  3. Fostering brain-circulation in CEE
  4. Cultural heritage protection in the Danube Region

Papers will be published in Der Donauraum in 2019


15th DRC Summer School Programme
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