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The “ICA Regional Network for Central and South Eastern Europe”, in short CASEE, is a network of Central and South Eastern European Higher Education Institutions relating to the Life Science disciplines (agri-

culture, food, biotechnology, natural resources,

rural development and the environment).

CASEE is a non profit organisation which aims to stimulate and support its member institutions in the development of a European dimension in education and research through the development of concerted actions and in engaging globally.

The objectives of network are: 


  • to support the development (and later implementation) of the EU Strategy for the Danube region
  • to strengthen research, education and University Development in this region
  • to develop joint research, educational and other projects (e.g. joint curricula, joint continuous educational offers, structural development, human resource development, QA, know-how-transfer, e.g. via an e-platform)

The challenges for universities in the knowledge society comprise, among others, the internalization of higher education: acting internationally in research and teaching, but applying the knowledge to local and regional problems.
The reasons for founding the CASEE network were:


1. Enormous challenges for university development at present
        a. Bologna process
        b. Excellence in research, education and university management

            (increasing competition between higher education institutions!)

2.Specific challenges for life science universities to develop the basis for the future development of mankind

        a. Food and water security, environmental protection
        b. Sustainable use of natural resources (soil, bioresources, water,..)
        c. Development of high-end technological methods in biotechnology

            (biorefinery, renewable energy,....)
        d. Landscape development; town- and country planning
        e. And many more.....

Overview on CASEE activities:

  • Conferences
  • An e-platform for project partner / thesis topic and supervisor search, information on summer schools, etc.

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