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DRC annual meeting and DRC 2014 General Assembly will be held at the University of Belgrade on November 6-7. The preliminary topic of the conference is Digital culture - the synergy between higher education and ICT.

An invitation letter, the registration form and a detailed draft of the conference programme is now online. Please see link below:
The homepage of the DRC annual conference is also online:


Danubius Young Scientist Awards 2014


- Danubius Award 2014 is awarded to the Hungarian economist András Inotai
- Danubius Young Scientist Awards 2014

awarded for the first time to 13 young and aspiring researchers from the Danube region




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CASEE Master studies

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Video Contest for DRC Students

(c) Guillermo Salinas,

Our network announces a video contest for all students of the DRC member universities. We want to increase the visibility of the DRC and its activities in the Danube Region. Are you a student of a DRC member university? Show your creativity to us, make a video, and win prizes. The deadline for uploading the video is October 15, 2014 (23.00 Central European Time). Sign up now for the contest!


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Danubius Young Scientist Award: Extended Deadline

We extended the deadline for submitting nominations. The new deadline is Friday, 28th February 2014. The Award seeks to encourage young scientists to engage in the scientific examination of issues and questions specifically related to the Danube Region. It will be given to 14 young scientists - one in each country that is part of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region. The candidate has to be nominated by his/her hosting scientific organisation (university, academy of sciences, etc.). 

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