DRC delegation attended a High-Level Meeting in Uzhhorod

DRC President Friedrich Faulhammer and DRC Secretary General Sebastian Schäffer attended a High-Level Meeting in Uzhhorod titled "Development perspectives in higher education cooperation between Austria and Ukraine". Organised by the OeAD together with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Research, the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science as well as the National Erasmus+ Office of Ukraine, the event brought together representatives from the ministries as well as a variety of universities from both countries. Several crucial aspects were discussed, including working groups amongst others on „The role of universities in reconstruction“. Heartfelt accounts of destruction, displacement and death caused by the unjustified Russian aggression against Ukraine were inevitable also on the agenda. 


As the meeting was hosted by our long-term cooperation partner and active member the Uzhhorod National University, this was also a good occasion to catch up with Rector Volodymyr Smolanka. We are convinced that we will return to our friends soon, either for an annual conference or with our summer school. Until then we will continue to support especially our members in Ukraine! 


© Sebastian Schäffer