The Danubius Young Scientist Award Winners visit to JRC ISPRA

A group of 9 Danubius Young Scientist Award Winners  (Péter Borza, Daniel Martínek, Halyna Palamarchuk, Janka Vogel, Jelena Molnar Jazić,  Jelena Vladic, Kaja Prislan , Kristijan Kotarski, Raimund Haindorfer and Tzvetelin Gueorguiev) visited the JRC Ispra site on 8-10 April.

Their areas of expertise ranged from biology to modern history, migration, water treatment, pharmaceutical engineering till cybercrime and communication.


On the first day, they had a Tour of the Visitors' Centre, followed by presentations of JRC initiatives, on the second day they shadowed a JRC scientist and on their last day, they had the opportunity to visit some of our laboratories. 

The DRC would like to thank the JRC for organizing this opportunity.