HEInnovate Workshop Bucharest 13th March 2015

The workshop is potentially the first out of two sequential workshops, with the latter one to be organised in half a year time (subject to confirmation). The objectives of the March workshop are twofold:

(1)   First it is aimed at familiarising workshop participants with the self-assessment tool, the supporting materials available as well as make them aware where can they can get further support and advice for using HEInnovate. The workshop will also highlight the potential benefits of the tool and explain how it might be applied in the individual institutions, including the interpretation of the data

(2)   Second, the workshop will aim at identifying strengths and weakness of the participating HEIs through a facilitated process, discussing emerging issues and agree on priorities for action to address in the future. The workshop will be also aimed at formulating actions and agreeing on the allocation of roles and responsibilities for the implementation of potential follow-up activities


Producing a forward-looking strategy or roadmap is too ambitious a task for a workshop. However, HEInnovate has the potential to be used as a base for preparation and generation of a future strategy for higher education institutions, and the workshop in March will be planned to lay the foundation for such activities.


More information can be found at the workshop website